Blogging!!!! OMG

I have been enjoying putting up recipes and inspirations etc on my facebook page, The Health Conscious Scrooge over the last couple of months. I thought that I might set up a blog/site attached to it, where I can write some longer posts and share recipes and tips in a more easy to access fashion.

It might take me awhile to get my head around it, and to get some content up on the site but bear with πŸ˜‰ I have a head full of ideas and inspiration and it’s just getting fuller, because spring is just around the corner…. and that is when this spring baby truly comes alive!

I have been doing so much reading lately, as Rupert Everett says inΒ An Ideal Husband,Β “I am so full of interesting information, I feel like the latest edition of something!”

I have also been planting up my little vegetable garden, and pots and glass house with as much stuff as I can, so that I can have fresh veges as soon as it starts to warm up a little. Exciting gastronomic times ahead!

2015 - 1


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