Sour-dough, goats feta and sunshine


I could eat a lunch like this every day of the summer and never get sick of it, and really I wonder why I don’t. So easy to throw together, delicious, local and seasonal.
We went for a walk down to the local Farmers Market this morning, something which I don’t do often enough, and grabbed a perfectly brewed black coffee, a fresh loaf of Sprouted Wheat Sour-dough from Picton Village Bakkerij , and some soft creamy goats feta from Cranky Goat Ltd. AAHH-Mazing!

Put all that along side a nice salad of fresh leaves from the glasshouse, sliced tangelo, some pomegranate seeds, lemon juice, salt and olive oil and it was a perfect sunny Sunday lunch.
And I totally recommend trying some Cranky Goat cheese if you can find it around. The stuff I have tried is delish. Check out their website

Supporting local produce, grown or crafted is something I am becoming more and more passionate about and hope to share more of with you all as I find the gems of Marlborough.



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