Healthy Lollipops


These are some little treats that my 3 year old and I made for his birthday earlier in the week. They are not every day food, but still pretty healthy as far as a party snack is concerned.

First we made some fairly plain, but ultimately tasty chocolate date balls, by soaking 400g of dates in boiling water, draining and pureeing up with

2 cups of rolled oats,
1 cups of coconut,
2 tsp natural vanilla essence,
2 big Tbsp of dark cocoa powder,
1/2 tsp salt

Nice and easy. No nuts because these were to take to his “Nut-free Preschool”.

Then we rolled these into balls, skewered them on a short kebab stick, dipped them in some melted dark chocolate and then rolled them in sprinkles.

Thats it, pretty easy! And my “poor deprived” child who vary rarely get really lollies of any sort, thought they were a pretty exciting treat…. it was all I could do to keep them safe to take to preschool the next day.



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