Urban Scrumping!


Well, this particular scrumping hoard wasn’t exactly “urban” cos it came from way up the Awatere, and the Gooseberries are from the far side of Lake Tennyson in the middle of the Molesworth Station.

But the point is, there is a lot of food that can be found and utilized around about the place if you care to look. A lot of parks and reserves have fruit and nut trees, which just drop on the ground and go to waste. And a long the sides of country roads there are often fruit and berries that are all good too. I wouldn’t use fruit from along main roads because of the potential for toxic load, but quiet country roads are fine.

This amazing looking and tasting pie made by my “pie-loving” husband is made from freshly picked roadside pears and some wild red gooseberries. (didn’t even know these existed but they are delicious)

I totally think we need to make more use of the food that is growing around us. It is what scrooging, and eating seasonally is all about.

My only side note to all this would be, if in doubt, ask before you “scrump”. You don’t want to get in trouble for helping yourself, but most people are totally happy to let people use anything that is going to waste.



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