Kumara,Garlic and Cheddar Cakes


I made these up to go in lunches this week, and though they are just a couple of simple ingredients they are jolly tasty and will go really well with some salad or coleslaw for lunch at work and preschool.
These are gluten free but do contain dairy obviously, however you could take out the cheese and add a small cup of chopped toasted peanuts or cashews instead for taste and crunch if you wanted them dairy free. I would have put nuts in anyway but then they cant be taken to preschool, so just cheese for ours.

I was also experimenting making root vegetable chips in the oven while I was at it….. I will say right now they are YUM! But it takes a lot of veges to get many chips and they are very time consuming, so much so that when one rogue beetroot chip blew away in the wind while I was taking this photo….. I actually chased it! That is what a scrooge does, runs around chasing single beetroot chips. Dedication right there, there was just no way I could let that little guy go to waste.
Needless to say I don’t see them becoming a lunch box staple just yet, need to refine and speed up my method a bit first.

Anyway for the Kumara cakes:

Par-bake 3 good sized kumara, then peel and grate them into a bowl.
crush 5 big garlic bulbs
2 tsp wholegrain mustard
1 small cup grated cheddar
1 egg
small handful of chopped dill
salt and pepper

Give everything a good squish and mix together. It should be pretty sticky and not at all sloppy. Form into balls, flatten and roll in a mixture of cornmeal and polenta. This will help hold them together, and give something nice to crisp up on the outside.
Heat a pan on a moderate heat, add some coconut oil. (the coconut oil gives a really nice complementary flavour but is also good for cooking in because it does not burn easily) Cook for several minutes on each side until nice and crunchy. They should hold together pretty well thanks to the cheese and egg, which is why there is no need for flour or any other binding agent.

There we go, give them a go and let me know what you think. What else did you add? I am always keen to find ways for vegetables to replace bread in lunch boxes and I feel this could be a goodie.




One thought on “Kumara,Garlic and Cheddar Cakes

  1. Nice recipe! I love kumara and I always buy lots when the price dips down to 99 cents.

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