Are we just eating LIES???

Yesterday I started writing this post, and actually it all got a bit lost in words. So I am going to start again and it will be short, simple and concise! So hold on to your seats 😉

Every now and again I get a sudden reminder of how much.:

People making MONEY off telling and selling us LIES about food………..   really gets me going!!!!!

LIE #1: All that packaged, processed “junk” food out there, ie. flavored yogurts, (lunch box staple right?) snack bars, high-fiber, sugar laden cereal, cheesy, oily crackers, instant cuppa soups etc etc, all being marketed as healthy nutrient dense snacks!!!

TRUTH #1: They are NOT. If it comes in a packet with a big ingredients list, then just don’t’ go there. EAT AN APPLE! If it requires logo’s and signs and marketing to convince you it’s healthy, well… it is probably not. Fresh fruit, vegetables, raw nuts, even a boiled egg? They require no excuses or labels, because they just are what they are.

Freshly Foraged…. nuts, pears and luscious red gooseberries!

LIE #2: Health Food Elitists, out there peddling the idea that to be truly healthy you have to give your arm, your leg, and a spare kidney to buy “SUPERFOODS”! Things we never knew we needed before and suddenly we can’t be healthy with out them, acia berries, goji berries, coconut sugar, chia seeds, greens powders, rice malt syrup, cacao nibs, maca powder…..the list goes on.

TRUTH #2: These are all perfectly good and even delicious foods, which honestly I buy and use myself from time to time, but there are certainly NOT ESSENTIAL to long term good health.



LIE#3: The crazy, mindless and seemingly pointless group in the middle, that spend their time scare-mongering and confusing us about simple things we always thought were OK. This group gets me the most, because I can’t work out what side they are on, and I think they probably effect the most peoples decisions, they make it all too hard, so people don’t bother. They say, simple old-school porridge is not good enough as a balanced breakfast, you need more protein! But don’t eat too many eggs because they are too high in cholesterol. They say, meat and 3 vegetables for tea is out dated and not good enough. They tell us we shouldn’t eat too much bread, so a simple homemade sandwich for lunch is no longer an option…… and don’t even get them started on fresh fruit for a snack! That stuff is just way too loaded with SUGAR! What they heck are we supposed to eat if everything we have ever known is not true

Simple homemade granola
Simple homemade granola

TRUTH#3: Simple homemade food will ALWAYS be better than something made in a factory, packaged in plastic and sat on a shelf for a few years!

So to sum it all up:

  1. Packaged food will NEVER be as good as some fresh fruit, sugar and all, or some nuts, fat and all, or even on occasion a homemade biscuit.
  2. We do not need SUPER FOODS to be healthy. In my books all real whole food, no matter how lowly is a  super-food. Silver-beet, Swede, Potatoes, Rolled Oats all of them.
  3. A simple diet of good homemade food is just fine. Porridge for breakfast, a good homemade sandwich with decent bread, salad and real meat for lunch, fruit and nuts for snacks, meat and vegetables for tea, maybe even the occasional homemade dessert (just for treats)
Freshly Foraged…. nuts, pears and luscious red gooseberries!


Don’t buy the lies!  Healthy food is not hard, it is not complicated, it does not have to be expensive. People are getting rich off our sacrificed health. Deep down I think we all have a basic and innate idea of how to feed ourselves and our families to thrive.





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