Scrooging Tip ~ Roast Meat


Working in Pharmacy has brought me back down to earth in one significant way! Unlike hospitality, there are no lunches provided! :-Oย And with a 3year old at preschool, and a husband who, let’s just say doesn’t mind some lunch from time to time, it is something I have had to get my head around pretty quickly.

As with most things I looked at it from two angles, #1 the HEALTH angle, #2 the SCROOGE angle

HEALTH angle: I have a bit of a rule I try to stick to when planning/cooking meals around here, that is we only eat ONE wheat based meal per day! Toast for breakfast = no sandwiches for lunch, or sandwich for lunch = no pizza or wrap for tea. So packing a lunch box with this in mind requires a bit of agile thinking from time to time.

SCROOGE angle: In a weeks groceries, often things for lunches can add up to the bulk of the cost, especially when trying to avoid the old marmite sandwich and an apple boredom.

So what do we eat? Well I have started buying a big roast of meat with the groceries and cooking it up early in the week. Cook it during the day, cool it and use it all as cold meat. It will go much further this way than if you have a roast for tea and just save the left-overs. NOW if you have stocked up on vegetables ๐Ÿ˜‰ you will have a big selection of “bits” you can throw together for a quick “wheat-free” lunch or dinner ie. Meat and Vegetable Fried Rice, Quick Thai Curry with Coconut Cream, Salads galore, Meat and Vegetable Omelette, Cold Meat and Vegetable Sticks with Rice Crackers and Hummus, or last nights special, cook a big tray of homemade spicy wedges and have with cold meat and salad! Yummy, quick and simple after a day at work.

So this weeks example is: DELICIOUS Rosemary and Lemon Roast Chicken has served us well for two nights dinners, lunches for 3 days, and even a wee bowl of roasting stock to add flavour to Friday nights Eggplant and Chickpea curry! Happy scrooging days right there๐Ÿ˜Š Seriously that breaks down to .67c per person/per meal!!!

A whole chook, a beef roast or even a leg of lamb works out pretty affordable over a few meals compared to what you might spend on the same amount of pre-prepared lunch meat like salami or ham, or pre-roasted chicken…. and you get the bonus of being able to cook it as you like it. Season it as you like it and best of all use all the parts, bones for stock, skin for crackling and so on.

So that is my thoughts for the day, let me what you think. If you have any awesome “left-over” recipes that go well for lunches and dinners type them up and leave them below. โค Have and awesome friday ๐Ÿ™‚




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