How time has flown…

Goodness me, I had no idea it had been so long since I last posted an update here at “The Health Conscious Scrooge”!!! I have been throwing the odd thing here and there up on my Facebook page and Instagram, but have been sadly neglecting to include the ol’ blog.

A lot has been happening in life over the last few months, and though good food has still been being made and eaten, I don’t always get a chance to take pics and write about it. Something I intend to remedy, after all what better time to have great aspirations than today, New Years Day 2017!

Anyway, so 2 days ago I finished work at the Pharmacy, for 6-7 months off and am due to have baby number 2 in the next few weeks. Excuse number one for not posting recently 🙂  and I have to say I am pretty excited at the prospect of a few months with some time at home to get some study done and feel re-inspired to cook. Fingers-crossed for that one.

The other BIG change that has been taking place in our life…..

The beautiful Kaikoura Coast… pre-earthquake!

We have finally moved into our house-bus. This has been one long time in coming dream of ours and it feels pretty good (and strangely normal) to finally be in it. It has and is taking some adapting, especially on the food front. Less food storage space, less appliances and serve/cook ware, small but usable gas oven etc.

Small but workable

So while the focus of my blog will remain on affordable, nutritious and every day food, there will be the odd twist in there from time to time of practical food made in a small (and in our case, mobile) kitchen.

Housebus style dinner – cooked on the BBQ and eaten out side. No complaints there!
How a lot of our meals look these days. Tasty but easy, finger foods piled high on a board and everyone just digs in. Saves on dishes and that is a bonus!
AND…. I have even been squeezing in a bit of “wild fermentation” where I can. Absolutely delicious, and  entirely experimental Loganberry and Blackcurrant Kvass I made for Christmas. (I intend to make some more over the next wee bit and will post a method for it when I do)

So that is a bit of an update on what I have been up to. Bring on an exciting new year filled with amazing food, nutritious and real inspiration, good health and fun filled times. And if you like what I put up here but want more, by all means check out my facebook page and follow me on instagram.

Happy New Year to you all from my family to yours!!!

Bright and Sunny –  playing lego in the bus!

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