Courgette, Cream Cheese and Tomato on toast

The perfect little summer breakfast .


Another courgette recipe!!! It’s called “seasonal eating” folks and it’s right at the heart of The Health Conscious Scrooge philosophy:-
IT’S HEALTHY – there are way more nutrients in a freshly picked, in season vegetable than one grown out if season or shipped across the globe.
IT’S SCROOGY – in season produce is always more affordable.

I came up with this wee combo a couple of weeks back, and have been making sure I have cream cheese in the fridge ever since. It’s so tasty and quick, and what a way to get some vegetables into your breakfast!
Use a peeler and shave some courgette into a bowl, drizzle it with salt, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil. Spread a crispy bit of toast with a thick layer of cream cheese and top with the courgette mix and some thick slices of a super ripe tomato!
It’s that quick! Give it a go



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