I am one of those people who lies awake in bed for hours on end with new ideas running around and around and around! Then when I finally do get to sleep, I dream dreams of inspirational ideas gone wrong and wake up wishing I could just turn it all off and get a good nights sleep once in awhile!

Anyway, I thought having a bit of a blog/site might give me somewhere to write a few things down, make some memories and just generally give the storage area of my brain a wee break. Will see how it goes.

So who am I? Well I am a chef, living in Marlborough, married to a plumber with a rascally 2yr old son. I have worked in various roles in the hospitality sector over the last ten years, always saying I want to get out of it and never actually doing so…. probably because at the end of the day I just love food too much.

I have for a long time been interested in natural health, probably stemming from a mum who fed us teaspoons of powdered vitamin c, convinced us to eat whole raw cloves of garlic when we had coldsΒ and supplied us with homemade toothpaste and cider vinegar to wash our hair…. ah the good old days. Instead of being put off, I enrolled in and completed a Diploma in Herbal Studies and am now studying a Diploma in Nutritional Science.

I am also a terrible (pretty sure its a condition) SCROOGE! I can literally stand for upwards of five minutes in a shop debating with myself, whether to get the cheap one, will it last, maybe I should get the middle of the range one, but do I actually need one that good, I mean how much will I even use it……… it goes on, but I will stop there. The scrooge in me is always a little ticked off about how un-affordable all the new super foods, and fad health foods are, and how “cool” and “out-of-reach” they are for so many people. I my opinion, they are just fads and real healthy food options are affordable to everyone. It’s just about getting back to the basics and realizing that all natural, untouched, unprocessed foods are super foods.

So that’s me, well the short story anyway. In my own small place in this world, hopefully I can inspire a few people, help a few people out and in turn be inspired to learn more and dig deeper into this huge subject of food, nutrition and health.


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